Don’t Miss the Tech Train

IT Services and Solutions Your Business Might Be Overlooking.

Whether you are a CEO running a small-to-medium enterprise or an executive responsible for overseeing operations, there’s one thing you should remember: having best possible technology is not just for the big players.

Sure, national and international corporations with deep pockets have access to all the best technology solutions. But that doesn’t mean smaller businesses like yours have to settle for less. Often, it’s not a lack of options but a lack of awareness that puts business owners at a technological disadvantage. So let’s delve into some IT services and solutions you might be missing out on.

1. IT Strategy & Planning: Have You Got Your Game Plan?

Enterprise Architecture: Believe it or not, your 50-person team needs an IT architecture just as much as a 5000-person conglomerate. Enterprise architecture isn’t about size; it’s about alignment—making sure your IT systems are working towards your business goals.

2. IT Governance: Are You Keeping It Legal?

Compliance Management: Falling foul of data protection laws is not an exclusive purview of large organisations. ASIC, APRA, ACNC, or the ACCC, doesn’t care how many people you employ. Consider investing in compliance management systems; fines are more burdensome for smaller outfits.

3. Cybersecurity: It’s Not Paranoia; They Are Out to Get You

Advanced Threat Protection: If you think cybercriminals only target big corporations, think again. Smaller businesses often have laxer security, making them easy prey. Tools like real-time monitoring and intrusion detection systems are not luxuries; they’re necessities.
Disaster Recovery Plans: A small leak can sink a big ship—or a small business. A solid disaster recovery plan can make all the difference when catastrophe strikes.

4. IT Operations: Streamline, Don’t Sideline

Automated Operations Management: The name might sound complicated, but it’s quite straightforward—tools that manage operational tasks like system updates or backups. Believe it or not, you don’t need a room full of servers and a team of engineers to benefit from automation.
Server Virtualisation: This is not just for the tech giants. Virtualising your servers can offer significant cost-saving opportunities, even for the smallest businesses.

5. Project Delivery: Keeping It All Together

Project Management Software: Ditch the spreadsheets; it’s 2023! A dedicated project management software can offer features like time-tracking, easier delegation, and financial projections, all of which are invaluable for your business.

6. Team, People, and Vendor Management: The Human Element

Training Programs: With fewer employees, each one’s role becomes that much more crucial. Don’t skimp on ongoing training programs, especially in IT.
Vendor Management Systems: Juggling multiple vendors? A proper management system can streamline this process, letting you focus on what really matters: running your business.

7. Cloud Migration: The Future is Up There!

Hybrid Cloud Environments: It’s understandable if you’re cautious about fully committing to the cloud, but hybrid environments offer the best of both worlds—keeping essential data on-site while leveraging the cloud for other functions.

8. Data Analytics: Knowledge Is Power

Business Intelligence (BI) Tools: These are the unsung heroes of business decision-making. Advanced BI tools can

 provide invaluable insights, yet they remain conspicuously absent in most smaller businesses.

9. Some Extras: AI, Machine Learning, and Social Networking

AI-based Customer Service: Chatbots aren’t just for tech giants. They can handle customer inquiries, freeing your staff to tackle more complex issues.
Machine Learning for Data Analysis: It’s not just for big tech. Machine learning tools are now accessible and can help in areas like customer behaviour analysis and sales forecasting.
Enterprise Social Networks: These tools can significantly enhance internal communication, collaboration, and even innovation.

The Takeaway

The tech world isn’t just for the Amazons and Googles of this world. The train has space for everyone—you just have to hop on. 

Examine these areas, do your homework, and start integrating these technologies that are not just for the big players but also for the agile, savvy business owner that wants to compete in today’s fast-paced marketplace.

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